PVC Seed starting rack

Seed starting rackAn excess of leftover PVC pipe and the need for a seed starting rack inspired this beauty. Mine is 4′ wide x 4′ tall. Of course design yours to fit your space needs, or use a thicker PVC, but not thinner.

What you will need (all 1′ PVC):

6 lengths 4′ long – cross sections

8 lengths 2′ long – upright posts

4 lengths 1′ long

8 corner connectors

4 “T” connectors

2  shop lights 4′ long

4 bungee cords 18″ long

Assemble PVC as shown. I did not glue any of it together so I can disassemble it for easy storage.

Wrap and hook the bungee cords around the cross sections. Two bungees per level.

Suspend the shop lights within the bungee cords. The fluorescent lights are cool, and won’t burn the bungee.

Plug the shop lights into a power strip so you can turn the lights off/on at your convenience.

Time to make, about 2 hours including goof ups, cat toting off bungee cords, looking for tools, booting the nosy dog out of the way and corrections. You of course see the beautiful finished project with the benefit of instructions!

Almost time to start seeds in the PNW.


One response to “PVC Seed starting rack

  1. I absolutley love PVC piping I made a fishing rod holder for 6 : )

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